Why Are Meta-Description so Important

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Advantages of Description

What is a meta description?

The meta description is an attribute within your meta tags that helps describe your page for users and search engine SEO. This snippet of text may appear in the search engine results under its headline. Meta tag description also provides information about a page’s content or structure and is used meanly by search engines and social networks.

The meta description should give search engine users a brief description of what they’ll find if they click through to your site.

Main Advantages of Meta Description

Meta descriptions can boost clicks, traffic, potential keyword and audience and revenue through

  • Meta description enable Google to figure out the content of your pages so that these can show up in relevant search results
  • It also drives keyword rankings. This is why meta description is so important that you know which keywords to include it, in order to rank higher in the search results SERP
  • Meta description has an enormous impact on the user experience. It creates an expectation for the user that your website must fulfill, but also make it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for on your website.

As long as you use metadata effectively, you will certainly increase the click-through rate to your web pages and the traffic on your content.

Tips for a perfect SEO-friendly description

  • Make sure to match your page’s content
  • Consider the value of your brand and mention it clearly
  • Empower your business credibility to engage with users
  • Research and use the most relevant keywords
  • Focus on motivating the user to click through
  • Ensure that each meta tag is completely original

Wordtracker Keywords Tool an effective solution

The Keywords Research enables you to perform comprehensive keyword, identify new opportunities, and refine your keyword targeting strategies to see greater return on investment.

Wordtracker Keyword Tool is one of the most comprehensive keyword research tool available. This also provides the highly targeted and relevant keywords you require for your content and meta description as well as your meta title.


The correct length of the meta description 2021

Don’t feel confused if you are a bit overwhelmed by these and other topics, as Google’s philosophy is to change its references and concepts constantly and meta description is definitely not an exception.

The meta description length is between 120 – 158 characters, and up to 920 pixels.

Meta description and search engine

The implementation of structural meta tags will generally allow for the search engines to identify the significance of a web page regarding the submitted query of a searcher.

The use of metadata is a more efficient and effective approach to ensure that search engines can understand the web pages on your site, rather than relying on the search engines’ ability to filter out information from the content of the page.

Meta description and social media

Meta descriptions also have a significant impact on social media marketing, although it is a tool that is frequently overlooked by many people this could be at a significant loss regarding traffic for your website. Creating a clear and compact metadata structure on social media pages ensure that the content is as highly relevant as possible to the audience, and this can increase engagement and shares.

Growing engagement on social media has a key factor to increase the brand visibility of your business. That’s why making your posts aesthetically appealing, referring the user what they are looking for, is a mandatory requirement.