WordPress is a fantastic system with virtually limitless customization and its power and flexibility also means getting the best solution for all business. WordPress is by far the most widely used CMS in the world. Here are some impressive numbers: 10 millions of websites now use this platform, WordPress powered 35% of the web and is searched for 3 millions time every month. WordPress also dominates Google’s SERP with 2 billion result and is the fastet growing publication software. Therefore is WordPress an ideal CMS for content marketing. WordPress has been refined over the years to make it one of the easiest utilities for creating and editing website content ever.
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Our Core Services

WordPress Design

We create great looking websites that engage with your visitors.Whatever your project, we always can help you.

Ongoing Support

Thanks to our flexible support plan you only need to specify the monthly tasks required an so we keep your site up to date and ahead of the rest.

Wordpress Security

We have are a variety of ways to keep your WordPress secure and and keep the website at a high level of security.

Wordpress Maintenance

Every web sites need to be maintenanced. We’ll make sure your site is up to date and maintained properly

Wordpress Fixes

Every Website needs to fixed, from poorly implemented plugins to broken pages and everything in between, we’ll take care of it.
  • Our WordPress Services enable you to get the best out of this great CMS. We have a proven track record in building solutions over WordPress for enterprises.
  • We support and maintenance to help you manage your websites, such as monitoring and updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins, backups, performance optimization.We keep WordPress core, plugins and themes updated regularly.
  • P&P group can take care of your SEO, images, product, and plugins of your site which need to be adjusted or updated. P&P group also support all different website you can make thanks WordPress such as e-commerce, rental – booking, business, Forum, News website, Portfolio and more. Just send us a bullet list of updates desired, and we’ll get them done for you.
  • We bring in depth WordPress expertise to provide end-to-end technology solutions for all your projects.
Inteligent Business
P&P group provides a range of digital solutions on WordPress for all enterprises and non-profit organizations
The Unlimited Functionality Software
Wordpress Advantage


From the design to the backend, everything is manageable if the theme is a paid version. Be it SEO or content management, WordPress offers easy customization for its users, which eventually benefits the website in its ranking.

Versatility Plugins

There are thousands of useful plugins and widgets out there and you can select the best ones for your specific requirements, as they vary in quality and reliability.

SEO friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly and has well-coded themes helping to build a search engine friendly site. For instance, you will find a number of WordPress SEO Plugins allowing you to optimize content manually and automatically.

Mobile Friendly

Since mobile has become the best place to fetch traffic for business websites, they need to be responsive to reach the potential buyers on mobile channel. WordPress offers responsive design that ensures your website runs smoothly on multiple devices
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