WordPress Solutions

WordPress is a fantastic system with virtually limitless customization and its power and flexibility also means getting the best solution for all business. WordPress is by far the most widely used CMS in the world. Here are some impressive numbers: 10 millions of websites now use this platform, WordPress powered 35% of the web and is searched for 3 millions time every month. WordPress also dominates Google’s SERP with 2 billion result and is the fastet growing publication software. Therefore is WordPress an ideal CMS for content marketing. WordPress has been refined over the years to make it one of the easiest utilities for creating and editing website content ever.
technology solutions for businesses looking for innovation and support
Our Core Services

WordPress Design

We create great looking websites that engage with your visitors.Whatever your project, we always can help you.

Ongoing Support

Thanks to our flexible support plan you only need to specify the monthly tasks required an so we keep your site up to date and ahead of the rest.

Wordpress Security

We have are a variety of ways to keep your WordPress secure and and keep the website at a high level of security.

Wordpress Maintenance

Every web sites need to be maintenanced. We’ll make sure your site is up to date and maintained properly

Wordpress Fixes

Every Website needs to fixed, from poorly implemented plugins to broken pages and everything in between, we’ll take care of it.
  • Our WordPress Services enable you to get the best out of this great CMS. We have a proven track record in building solutions over WordPress for enterprises.
  • We support and maintenance to help you manage your websites, such as monitoring and updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins, backups, performance optimization.We keep WordPress core, plugins and themes updated regularly.
  • P&P group can take care of your SEO, images, product, and plugins of your site which need to be adjusted or updated. P&P group also support all different website you can make thanks WordPress such as e-commerce, rental – booking, business, Forum, News website, Portfolio and more. Just send us a bullet list of updates desired, and we’ll get them done for you.
  • We bring in depth WordPress expertise to provide end-to-end technology solutions for all your projects.
Inteligent Business
P&P group provides a range of digital solutions on WordPress for all enterprises and non-profit organizations
The Unlimited Functionality Software
Wordpress Advantage


From the design to the backend, everything is manageable if the theme is a paid version. Be it SEO or content management, WordPress offers easy customization for its users, which eventually benefits the website in its ranking.

Versatility Plugins

There are thousands of useful plugins and widgets out there and you can select the best ones for your specific requirements, as they vary in quality and reliability.

SEO friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly and has well-coded themes helping to build a search engine friendly site. For instance, you will find a number of WordPress SEO Plugins allowing you to optimize content manually and automatically.

Mobile Friendly

Since mobile has become the best place to fetch traffic for business websites, they need to be responsive to reach the potential buyers on mobile channel. WordPress offers responsive design that ensures your website runs smoothly on multiple devices

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Adobe Experience Manager Solutions

P&P group supports you to build the best digital experience solution of Adobe Experience Manager for your costumer. Adobe Experience Manager AEM covers dynamic digital asset management, and also offers form and document management solution, community connection portal, user-generated content organization, and social engagement platform, but also it delivers a personalized, engaging content to your website visitors.
P&P group improve your digital experiences for your customers

Our Core Services

We enjoy adapting digital strategies for your business and thereby ensure the best solutions in the industry.


AEM Implementation


AEM Development


AEM Maintenace


AEM Upgrade

Inteligent Business
P&P group provides a range of digital solutions on Adobe Experience Manager AEM for all enterprises and non-profit organizations
Adobe - Digital Marketing Zurich

Experience Manager Sites

Expertise with Adobe platform gives us a winning advantage and you can trust our team for AEM services including consulting, development, implementation, integration, migration or upgrade, and support and maintenance.<br /> P&P group provides a range of digital solutions on Adobe Experience Manager AEM for all enterprises.
commonly features associated to using Adobe Experience Manager
AEM Advantage

Content Storage

Experience Manager’s built-in DAM allows users to safely store and manage their visual assets in the cloud, giving team members inimitable access to project files wherever they are in the world. This ensures more efficient as files are easily at hand from the cloud.

Dynamic Visual Media

Media does more than curate uploaded assets but also converts files automatically into different formats and it can engage audiences across numerous platforms.

Intelligent Search

With tags and metadata, users spend less time looking for files and spend more time working on projects instead. The search function is customizable and allows teams to configure how the software will sift through the database to find the correct media.

Global Media Management

Experience Manager paves the way for globalization. Assets can be organized and tagged for translation allowing organizations to reach a wider audience.

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Video Compressor

P&P group provides a wide variety of input formats for reducing the video size without loosing the original video quality. This allow you easily share your branding video or private on any social media platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website-pages and much more. Just fill out the two steps video compressor request and send you will get it up to 24 hours back.

Fast with Quality

We take care of the video compression for you.
Just send us your video compress request with the desired format and we will set the best parameters to reduce the video size keeping the best quality.

Provides All Formats

Waht ever your video format
P&P group works with all video formats on the market such as MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI, MKB, HEVC,WMV, DivX and more.

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Media & Graphics

Potental channel, which has a great impact on your business and on people's daily lives
All About Graphics
Media & Graphics is polarized and related to every single business, person, project, product, culture, countries, in short for the whole world by using creativity and strategic design. Graphic design is all around you and everywhere. Design identify most of the things you see daily, but it also helps us to understand the content for each item. Design has always played an important role around society and provides endless opportunities to be identified by people around the world. 


Let's identity your brand with an solid quality visual design that represents the value, recognition, differentiation, unity and pride of your business.


Image is the way your business presents itself to the world and has a profound impact on your goal. More than 60% of the content of your website must be made up of images.

Graphics Designs

There is wide variety of graphics designs from Branding design, Ads, Product design, Packaging, Editorial/Publishing, Interface design and all of them contribute to being identified in an efficiently way.
Tell Us What You Need Design

P&P group brings energy, experience, thoughtful graphic design, and impeccable development to every project.

Our fair and basic price start from € 120.00

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Website Optimization

Significant Website Optimization
This is most significant task for your business and P&P group Website optimization knowledge help you to fix and improve your web in order to ensure higher ranking results and be found by customers. All these search engines use algorithms for this the great importance of web optimization.
How we can support you

Best Practices

Design 100%
Media optimization 100%
Links & Tag 100%
Handling the Speed 100%
Mobile Friendly 100%
  • Website optimization assesses which applications are necessary and vital or not to improve the performance of your website and its speed. Therefore, it is crucial to buy a premium theme that does not need many plugins.
  • Media – there is generally no reason to have images of 1MB size or more on your website. This only means that your website should always perform more than usual and this impacts negatively on the speed of your website.
  • Last crucial topic is to have a reliable website host. You must have the right hosting plan services to optimize load times. The web host should also provide excellent customer service and knowledge, who function with your best interests in mind.

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Video Marketing

Reach more potential customers through our video marketing
Private Person & Company
Video Marketing is increasingly important and crucial for the subsistence and success of the company. Nowadays there is nothing better and more efficient for you to invest efforts for creating a short video marketing. This strategy helps you to identify and relate to your business as a solid and established company.
Tips and Advantages

Video Marketing


Center your video around the story and solution that you provide for customers.

Short Form

The average of human attention is getting shorter therefore are from 7 to10 second long video the right long one.

Strong Simple

There is wide variety of templates and designs therefore is crucial to keep a simple concept for creating the video.

SEO & Social Media

Video is a goldmine for your organic SEO and Social Media. This is the most efficient way to reach more potential customers for you and your business.
Get the Right Video Marketing

Intro Video

  • Introducing Video better knows as Intro. Introduction is the key elements of any type of content and video is no exception. As well for short as for long form videos. For both are the Intro crucial.
  • Intros build a strong base at the beginning and a well-thought statement. This is the phase when the audience decide or not to get more of your content. Therefore is the most important phase.
  • Intros are also using as unique short videos in order to be known by users and potential costumers.


Social Media Video

  • Social Media video is being an explosion of growth. The audience increasingly likes to watch short videos on social media.
  • Take free advantage due the Social Media video generate up to 1’500% more shares than any post and Advertisement with image or text.
  • Social Media video archives results when you use this opportunity regularly, always reminding your audience that you’re still improving and providing the best product on the market.


Promotional Video

  • Promotional videos are a great way for businesses to market themselves and is always a good strategy to engage more audience.
  • It also is a conditional partner to display your offering in the best light and inform the audience about the benefits of choosing your brand, specially for products.
  • Promo Video will effective improve the searchability of your brand. Remember that Search Engine loves videos and it will always be an ace to have good videos related to your brand.


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