Boost your E-Commerce Using Woocommerce

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WooCommerce Solutions for Better E-Commerce

What is E-Commerce

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, refers to buying and selling as well as online transactions. This E-Commerce terminology also includes other activities, such as online auctions, online banking, payment gateways and the online sale of tickets.

Type of E-Commerce:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B).
  • Business-to-Administration (B2A)
  • Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)

Why WooCommerce

WooCommerce has been gaining popularity due to the fact that it is an open source tool but also because of its flexibility and the wide range of features and usability for different types of businesses that want to create their own design and functionality in their E-Commerce template.

But how can you create your own website choosing an advanced Theme for your Ecommerce and especially that provides a simple and fast functionality for the customers’ experience when browsing your website?

Choose the Smart Setup Wizard

Start a powerful new WooCommerce store with greater flexibility and usability features that also allow you to create code-free stores, ready-to-use e-commerce themes and simple drag-and-drop tools enabling you to add content and products to your site in just seconds.

With advanced search features helping to create a responsive, revenue-generating, e-commerce experience at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

E-Commerce Store Website desing SEO

7 Best Basic Facts You Need to Know

  • Free Open Source: Woocommerce is main plugins are free and allows you to turn your website into a professional e-commerce website easily. But of course if you want to include  to your online shop the latest techniques and functionalities you should definitely pay some extra for the applications such as addons and other plugins depending on what you would like to implement on your E-commerce shop.
  • Complete Safety: One of the key advantages of Woocommerce is that it is regularly updated, so it provides a high level of security precisely because of its regularity of updates which means safety.
  • User-friendly Analytic: Woocommerce offers an uncomplicated and easy-to-interpret analysis of your E-Commerce website’s performance.This is logically very good because you can compare and refine the study of the behavior of your customers with the website with other tools such as Google Analytics.
  • High Flexibility: This Woocommerce plugin is known for its great flexibility and ability to incorporate all kinds of products, being able to sell virtual, physical and even downloadable products. In addition, WooCommerce POS (Point of Sale) solutions also offer the feature to accept different payment gateways, which makes the purchase of items more flexible for the customers.
  • Extensive Customization Options: offers a wide range of customization options. This allows every administrator to design their E-commerce shop individually and give it the point of authenticity that is required for each business concept.
  • Mobile Friendly: WooCommerce is constantly improving and developing new features. Due to the importance that a large amount of customers visit and purchase through mobile devices. Woocomerce constantly updates to further refine its layouts on mobiles. Do not forget the importance of having an advanced Theme. 
  • SEO Friendly: SEO titles and descriptions may be added to each of your single product and category pages, as well as breadcrumbs, structured data, reviews, images and many other features.

Advance Instagram Feature

The social media tools offered by Woocommerce are very useful and simple to use, as they allow you to track direct and indirect mentions of your brand on different social media platforms. In this way, you will be enabling one more channel for your customers to get to know your products.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms but business can be a bit tricky if you want to increase brand awareness of your products and services.

WooCommerce Instagram Gallery allows you to integrate your shop with your Instagram account. Product images posted on Instagram linked with a branded hashtag will appear directly on your shop’s product pages. The setup is simple and all you have to do is log in to Instagram and add the hashtags to the products you want to display in your feed. This makes it even easier for customers to share your products on social media.

Keep Your E-Commerce Store Ahead

Nowadays there is a high level of competition in e-commerce, hence the great importance of starting with an advanced technological platform for your e-commerce store, which allows the integration of future features as well as the incorporation of additional external tools.