Boost your E-Commerce Using Woocommerce

WooCommerce Solutions for Better E-Commerce

What is E-Commerce

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, refers to buying and selling as well as online transactions. This E-Commerce terminology also includes other activities, such as online auctions, online banking, payment gateways and the online sale of tickets.

Type of E-Commerce:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B).
  • Business-to-Administration (B2A)
  • Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)

Why WooCommerce

WooCommerce has been gaining popularity due to the fact that it is an open source tool but also because of its flexibility and the wide range of features and usability for different types of businesses that want to create their own design and functionality in their E-Commerce template.

But how can you create your own website choosing an advanced Theme for your Ecommerce and especially that provides a simple and fast functionality for the customers’ experience when browsing your website?

Choose the Smart Setup Wizard

Start a powerful new WooCommerce store with greater flexibility and usability features that also allow you to create code-free stores, ready-to-use e-commerce themes and simple drag-and-drop tools enabling you to add content and products to your site in just seconds.

With advanced search features helping to create a responsive, revenue-generating, e-commerce experience at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

E-Commerce Store Website desing SEO

7 Best Basic Facts You Need to Know

  • Free Open Source: Woocommerce is main plugins are free and allows you to turn your website into a professional e-commerce website easily. But of course if you want to include  to your online shop the latest techniques and functionalities you should definitely pay some extra for the applications such as addons and other plugins depending on what you would like to implement on your E-commerce shop.
  • Complete Safety: One of the key advantages of Woocommerce is that it is regularly updated, so it provides a high level of security precisely because of its regularity of updates which means safety.
  • User-friendly Analytic: Woocommerce offers an uncomplicated and easy-to-interpret analysis of your E-Commerce website’s performance.This is logically very good because you can compare and refine the study of the behavior of your customers with the website with other tools such as Google Analytics.
  • High Flexibility: This Woocommerce plugin is known for its great flexibility and ability to incorporate all kinds of products, being able to sell virtual, physical and even downloadable products. In addition, WooCommerce POS (Point of Sale) solutions also offer the feature to accept different payment gateways, which makes the purchase of items more flexible for the customers.
  • Extensive Customization Options: offers a wide range of customization options. This allows every administrator to design their E-commerce shop individually and give it the point of authenticity that is required for each business concept.
  • Mobile Friendly: WooCommerce is constantly improving and developing new features. Due to the importance that a large amount of customers visit and purchase through mobile devices. Woocomerce constantly updates to further refine its layouts on mobiles. Do not forget the importance of having an advanced Theme. 
  • SEO Friendly: SEO titles and descriptions may be added to each of your single product and category pages, as well as breadcrumbs, structured data, reviews, images and many other features.

Advance Instagram Feature

The social media tools offered by Woocommerce are very useful and simple to use, as they allow you to track direct and indirect mentions of your brand on different social media platforms. In this way, you will be enabling one more channel for your customers to get to know your products.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms but business can be a bit tricky if you want to increase brand awareness of your products and services.

WooCommerce Instagram Gallery allows you to integrate your shop with your Instagram account. Product images posted on Instagram linked with a branded hashtag will appear directly on your shop’s product pages. The setup is simple and all you have to do is log in to Instagram and add the hashtags to the products you want to display in your feed. This makes it even easier for customers to share your products on social media.

Keep Your E-Commerce Store Ahead

Nowadays there is a high level of competition in e-commerce, hence the great importance of starting with an advanced technological platform for your e-commerce store, which allows the integration of future features as well as the incorporation of additional external tools.

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7 Effective Ways To Improve the SEO Ranking

How to Improve Your SEO

SEO is constantly evolving and developing in importance precisely by improving knowledge of search engines, digital media, HTML, keywords and content implementation. Therefore, the focus should be on quality and well-structured content to achieve a higher quality organic traffic and a better user experience on the web. Here are the basics on what you should focus on.

1 – Analyze the Website First

Prior to making any changes on your website you should be well informed about its status and carefully analyze the statistics and current traffic behavior. All will be very valuable for a proper optimization.

Furthermore Website analytics focuses on the tactical data collection part of the process, which helps you to access to detailed information about the performance of your website, without explaining how to understand how to interpret the results of the analysis.

2 – Sets Your Website’s Goal

It is very important to define clearly the goals of the website, and how you want to achieve them. There are some key points to keep in mind when defining the concept of your products and services:

  • Focus on the products and services solutions
  • Provide advice on how to order the product
  • Share updates about the business progress
  • Ensures a simple and responsive user experience

Define the most suitable visitors who can identify with your product and services, in this way you can better optimize the desires of your customers with your website.

3 – Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is the key factor to generate quality organic traffic. First of all you need to find out what are the keywords with which the user identifies your product and services. Also you must analyze the market and the competition, this will give you a greater reference on the strategy and the direction you should be taking with your business in order to attract potential customers.

There are many tools you can use to find out best keyword related to your business but here is one Wordtracket with for its price and performance offers not only the most affordable option but also a very powerful SEO tool.

Another option is certainly Semrush, especially for businesses with a larger market presence. This SEO tool is absolutely the most convenient to achieve the best performance for your business

4 – Useful Page Titles

Search engines track and understand the title tag, or meta title, and use it as an indicator in its database. It will be used by search engines depending on how it relates to the user’s typed “keyword” or the user’s purpose. This is why it is extremely important to add keywords related to the SERP and your title.

Understand more about Metadata and learn how to set up for your website

5 – Create Unique and High Quality Content

The content is part of the SEO and is very important for your business as the user decides whether it is helpful or not for him, thereby its high importance as it allows to improve the organic traffic and the SEO of the website substantially. The content must be original, it has to be related to product-benefits-customer and readable.

It is also important to use internal links. These links will allow users to learn more about your business but it is also an advantage for SERP to be able to crawl it.

6 – Mobile Friendly and Page Speed

Mobile devices are currently one of the biggest sources of how customers browse and discover new websites. This is why search engines give higher priority to websites that have a mobile-friendly design and especially that the page loads quickly. Make sure that the design of your website is mobile-friendly. Also, optimize images, code and content so that each page loads quickly. That’s why having a fast website will improve your search engine rankings.

Test your website’s speed and fixe all weak spots

7 – Purposed URL

A well-titled URL with keywords also helps the SERPs to find the page and increase the chances that your page will be found more easily by users. Before finally launching the page, check the title of the page and check the name of the URL. Include keywords related to the title and content of the page. Your users will appreciate this as they will be able to remember the page easily and return again.


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WordPress Most Conventional CMS Solution

Benefits of WordPress CMS

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS) in the world and manages 60% of the entire Internet and is used by approximately 80 million websites. This global impact of WordPress is due to the development of huge number of plugins, themes and integration tools that makes it so much more competitive and friendly to use on mobile version but it is also one of the most effective content manager system to achieve positive SEO results.

The Best SEO Partner

WordPress Content Management System CMS is designed with all that an organic SEO-ready site should have and with consistent code for favorable Google indexing, customizable SEO components for each page, and fully dedicated plugins for perfect SEO performance. That’s why WordPress makes it one of the most competitive CMS in the search engine rankings.

Using WordPress in combination with a well-coded theme and SEO plugin can help you develop a website that provides search engines with all the information needed to index your content successfully.

Using WordPress in combination with a well-coded theme and SEO plugin can help you develop a website that provides search engines with all the information needed to index your content successfully.

Key SEO Benefits of WordPress

  • Customizable Permalinks
  • Sophisticated Meta Description
  • Excellent Social Media Integration
  • Rocket Speed Pages

The Mobile-Friendly VIP

WordPress is a free open source CMS with a wide range of themes and plugins that allow developers to modify the core code as needed so that WordPress can keep up with the trends and changes in the mainstream philosophy of the global Internet, especially for mobile devices.

Using WordPress, you can easily optimize your website. WordPress can make your site even more responsive compared to others CMS. The responsive feature aligns your content in an easy-to-read way that brings proper content management to your website.

This means that a mobile-friendly website engages a lot of users which boosts its traffic and sales. More than 50% of mobile users who access to an online business end up purchasing something or requesting a service.

Run WordPress Run

Google’s algorithm will recognize your website’s popularity and adjust your search ranking accordingly. The loading speed of web pages is one of the most important factors for usability, and it influences rankings in Google quite strongly.

The loading speed of websites is one of the most significant factors in their usability, and has a significant influence on Google’s ranking philosophy. Google’s algorithm recognizes the popularity and speed of every website, and depending on this, every website will be ranked.

For this reason it is essential to have a CMS like WordPress that allows you to improve the speed of your website easily, as well as all SEO details. Every new adjustments of your website will be captured by Google and will readjust your website ranking it a higher place in SERP.

Fundamental Updates

WordPress themes and plugins have been working closely to develop more professional, easier to use, flexible framework with a wide range of user-friendly layouts.

So this means developers release updates periodically that provide new functionality or fix known bugs and users will always be able to update, change and redesign the themes and plugins in a simple way. This option is very useful to keep your website up to date with the latest technologies and provide the customers an user friendly experience on your website.

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Why Are Meta-Description so Important

Advantages of Description

What is a meta description?

The meta description is an attribute within your meta tags that helps describe your page for users and search engine SEO. This snippet of text may appear in the search engine results under its headline. Meta tag description also provides information about a page’s content or structure and is used meanly by search engines and social networks.

The meta description should give search engine users a brief description of what they’ll find if they click through to your site.

Main Advantages of Meta Description

Meta descriptions can boost clicks, traffic, potential keyword and audience and revenue through

  • Meta description enable Google to figure out the content of your pages so that these can show up in relevant search results
  • It also drives keyword rankings. This is why meta description is so important that you know which keywords to include it, in order to rank higher in the search results SERP
  • Meta description has an enormous impact on the user experience. It creates an expectation for the user that your website must fulfill, but also make it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for on your website.

As long as you use metadata effectively, you will certainly increase the click-through rate to your web pages and the traffic on your content.

Tips for a perfect SEO-friendly description

  • Make sure to match your page’s content
  • Consider the value of your brand and mention it clearly
  • Empower your business credibility to engage with users
  • Research and use the most relevant keywords
  • Focus on motivating the user to click through
  • Ensure that each meta tag is completely original

Wordtracker Keywords Tool an effective solution

The Keywords Research enables you to perform comprehensive keyword, identify new opportunities, and refine your keyword targeting strategies to see greater return on investment.

Wordtracker Keyword Tool is one of the most comprehensive keyword research tool available. This also provides the highly targeted and relevant keywords you require for your content and meta description as well as your meta title.


The correct length of the meta description 2021

Don’t feel confused if you are a bit overwhelmed by these and other topics, as Google’s philosophy is to change its references and concepts constantly and meta description is definitely not an exception.

The meta description length is between 120 – 158 characters, and up to 920 pixels.

Meta description and search engine

The implementation of structural meta tags will generally allow for the search engines to identify the significance of a web page regarding the submitted query of a searcher.

The use of metadata is a more efficient and effective approach to ensure that search engines can understand the web pages on your site, rather than relying on the search engines’ ability to filter out information from the content of the page.

Meta description and social media

Meta descriptions also have a significant impact on social media marketing, although it is a tool that is frequently overlooked by many people this could be at a significant loss regarding traffic for your website. Creating a clear and compact metadata structure on social media pages ensure that the content is as highly relevant as possible to the audience, and this can increase engagement and shares.

Growing engagement on social media has a key factor to increase the brand visibility of your business. That’s why making your posts aesthetically appealing, referring the user what they are looking for, is a mandatory requirement.

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